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What's Different About the AWAKE Influencer Forum?

The two words most frequently used by registrants to describe the program of this innovative new event are "Wow!" and "Amazing!" We agree wholeheartedly!

Now that the holidays are over, and the consuming election/inauguration coverage hangover is fading into the start of America's new normal for the next four years, we are excited to take a few minutes to answer some questions about the upcoming digital Adoption Wellness, Advocacy, Knowledge and Experience (AWAKE) Influencer Forum January 28-30.

There are a number of excellent adoption-related conferences available out there, and ASRC is pleased to link to them from our home page. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for most of them to reinvent themselves as digital events, and, much to the surprise of some, the format has been well received. So with various opportunities to learn about search, reunion, brain science and healing research already available, why launch a new Forum? What gap does it seek to address?

If you take a look at the program and speakers for the AWAKE Influencer Forum, we think you'll agree that this is not your typical adoption conference. That's by design, because we believe that everyone can be an influencer, no matter how big or small their circle of influence - or whether they have a large following on social media.

That said, this program may not be for everyone, and if you're just starting to search for biological family members, or in a place where you're feeling overwhelmed by the emotional impact of "waking up" or "coming out of the fog," we encourage you to connect with your support group and keep doing the important work of sorting out your truth.

However, if you're in a place where you've done some solid core work, and are passionate

to help flip the script on relinquishment and adoption, and are ready to make a difference for truth, transparency and public awareness on a personal, local or national level, this event is for you!

Here's what's different about the AWAKE Influencer Forum:

  • Instead of focusing primarily on search, reunion and healing (as we said, a number of existing conferences already do a great job at this!), we're focusing on how we can get equipped and inspired to educate and influence the understanding of friends, family members, the media and legislators. We are more interested in building allies than gaining sympathy.

  • Instead of sorting speakers and attendees by their connection to adoption (adoptees, parents by birth and adoption, professionals, etc.), we're looking at key issues through the lenses of advocates, creatives, healers, influencers and thought leaders - from both inside and outside the adoption community.

  • Instead of the usual familiar and valuable topics, the Forum seeks to take the conversation to the next level with innovative subject matter and a remarkable mix of trusted voices and fresh perspectives!

  • Instead of late night hospitality suites, join fellow attendees any time in your choice of Forum chats: The Lounge, Advocates' Forum, Creatives' Corner, Healers' Oasis, and the Think Tank.

  • Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for airfare, hotel and restaurant meals, your can get an All Access Pass for $150, a Five-Pack for $65, a single session for just $15 or $25 - or if finances are tight right now, simply register for the package of free events. Through the generosity of participants, a limited number of scholarships are available!

This is our inaugural event, so we would love for you to be part of it -- and we welcome your help to spread the word to others who might benefit!

If you are unable to attend everything January 28-30, no worries! Most sessions will be recorded and available for viewing at your convenience later.

Click to play the animation above, then click this link to register for the AWAKE Influencer Forum today!

Questions? Don't hesitate contact us at, or leave a message on the ASRC Helpline at 303/232-6302.

See you at the Forum on Zoom!


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