Laws & Legislation

Landmark Changes in Colorado Law

 We honor and thank our bill sponsors, the Colorado General Assembly, and Governors Hickenlooper and Polis, for enacting the following bills:

SB 14-051 (Adult adoptee and certain others access to adoption records); 

SB 14-062 (Reinstatement of parent-child legal relationship);

HB 14-1042 (Birth parent access to relinquishment records); 

HB 14-372 (Concerning unauthorized advertising for adoption purposes);

HB 15-1106 (Clarify access to unredacted adoption records); 

HB 15-1282 (Criminal penalty for false information on birth certificate);

HB 15-1355 (Access to sibling information for former wards of the state).

HB 19-1023 (Foster Children Driving Licenses)

HB 21-1084 (Driver's Licenses for Foster Children)

Read the historic landmark Court of Appeals Ruling in re J.N.H. 209 P. 3d 1221 (Colo. App 2009) that granted access to records to adoptee Jeff Hannasch and for adoptions finalized between 1951 and 1967. 

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Tennessee:  Doe v. Sundquist, 2 S.W. 3d 919 (1999)

Does v. State of Oregon 164 Or. App. 543, 993 P. 2d 833, 834 (1999)


Adult adoptees of Native American ancestry can also seek tribal affiliation

information through provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act, Sections 1917 and 1951.  The US Supreme Court  affirmed that non-custodial fathers' rights were limited under NICWA in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl

Intercountry Adoption and Surrogacy Laws


Federal and State Laws and Court Rulings