AWAKE Influencer Forum Proposed Schedule (Times shown are MT)

Thursday 1/28

9 am - Welcome and Orientation (Rich Uhrlaub)

9:30 -  Free! What? Popcorn in the Morning?!?

Creatives and all:  Morning Movie and discussion:  To Each His Own (Facilitators:  Barbara Shaw and David Quint or Ridghaus?)

Noon - Free! Conversation and Connections:  Eat Your Lunch, Not Your Feelings

1 pm - 

Millenial/Gen XYZ Forum

Title? We're Not "the Future." We're Doing it Now!  (Facilitator: Holly Janson) 

Search and Reunion:  Creating a Model for Agencies Seeking to Help Adoiptees Discover THeir History (Angela Tucker and Rena Konomis)

2:30pm - Workshops

Healers: Powerful Tools to Help Kids, Teens and Adults Cope with Stress and Trauma (Dianne Maroney, MSN, Founder, The Imagine Project)

Mom Advocates: Out of the Closet - Into the Limelight (Faciliator:  Kathy Aderhold, MSN)

3:30 - Break

3: 45 -  

Leaders/Influencers/Everyone:  How to Step into Your Own Influence and Leadership (Facilitators:  Heidi and Russ)

5:30  Free! Happy hour, meet and greet. Let's talk about today. Optional: show us your favorite appetizer and beverage pairing.

7 pm - Keynote:  What  is, is Possible! - Trevor Jordan, PhD, President, Jigsaw Queensland (16 hours ahead)



Friday Morning 1/29

9:00 am Welcome (Board Member) and Announcements

Keynote:   For Better Results, Let's Ask Better Questions - Adam Pertman, NCAP

10:30 Break

10:45  Forums

Non-Profit Leaders/Healers/Advocates:  Faith, Adoption and Reality (Ron Nydam, PhD)

Adoptive Families:  The Post-Open Adoption Era: Helping Clients Navigate Openness With or Without Contact (Lori Holden)


Noon:  Lunch 'n Stretch (Maybe ask Cathy Koley or a PT/exercise instructor to lead this?)       


Friday Afternoon

 1:00  - Forums

Advocates:  Legislative Strategy and Tricks of the Trade (Bill Barrett)

Healers:  Self Care:  Healing for Healers (Jean Provance)

2:30 Break

3:00 Forums

Advocates:  Panel: Thinking Outside the OBC (Facilitator: Rich Uhrlaub)

Healers:    Why Are We Still Sad? Ambiguous Loss for Those in the Adoption Constellation (Sally Ankerfelt and Joan Distefano)


4:30 - Support Chat Room

Dinner on your own. Zoom with friends if you like!

Friday Night

7:00  -  Friday Night at the Movies Premiere!

@ghostkingdom  by  Brian Stanton

Saturday Morning

9:00 -  Welcome and Announcements (Board Member)

Keynote:  Racism and Supporting Those you Love:  Up Close and Personal (Susan Harris O'Connor, MSW, LICSW)(Not Recorded)

10:30 - Break

10:45 -  Forums

Advocates/Non-Profit Leaders:  What Does Ethical Adoption Look Like? - Ellen Ular Olsen, Saving Our Sisters

Visionaries/ Advocates/Healers:  What COVID Taught Me About Stepping Up:  Service and Sacrifice for Something That Matters - Dr. Mark Pamer


Noon - Free! Lunch with Creatives! Bring your music, art, poetry and short readings to share.


1:30 - Creatives Panel Forum: Telling the Relinquishment Story: A Storytellers, Panel  (David Quint)


3:00 - Break

3:15 -  

-  Breaking Through Obstacles to Leadership  (Heidi and/or Juliana?)

- Wrap up, de-brief, action items.  (Rich)

4:30 Break for Dinner

Saturday Evening

Special Guest Nicole Chung, author of All You Can Ever Know


 We meet  at 7: 30 pm on the last Tuesday of each month, except December, at Montview Presbyterian church, 1980 Dahlia Street, Denver, CO, downstairs in the Gallery Room unless posted otherwise.   A facilitated emotional support group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Robinson Conference Room on the main level at the north end of the building. 




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