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Ron Nydam, PhD has launched a new book for adoptive parents, but written from a perspective that outlines essential values necessary to affirm adoptees and birth/first parents.  Nydam's first book, Adoptees Come of Age, has been described by some adoptees as a life-changing work they refer to over and over.  The new title, Wise Adoptive Parenting: When Kids Struggle to Adopt Their Parents,  takes a broader view that serves to validate the varied challenges encountered from each viewpoint.         


The list of blogs written by people "touched" by adoption, and foster care and assisted reproduction is substantial.  Here are a few that are widely recognized as exceptional:

Best Adoptee Blogs of 2017 (Healthline)

Birth/First Mother Forum

Confessions of a Cryokid

DNA Explained

Foster Club Blog

Musings of the Lame

Secret Sons and Daughters


The following links provide comprehensive lists of books that are both in and out of print.  Special recognition and appreciation goes to William Gage, who devoted much time and energy to creating his Readers' Guide. 

Adoptee Reading Resource

Reader's Guide to Adoption-Related Literature​

Tapestry Books

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