The Fertile Chaos Zone

"Fill your heart with the creative power to accept the past, decorate the present, and transform the future." - Osho

When the news of Larry Harvey's death broke, I had already been mulling over a title for this piece. Discovery that he was an adoptee, combined with an uplifting ASRC meeting in which participants, reluctantly at first, listed positive attributes that relinquishment and adoption had instilled in us, brought things in to focus. If we choose to be, those of us "touched by adoption" can be immensely powerful. Each of us possesses the power to direct the energy of grief and loss toward self-pity, rage, blame and self-destruction, or toward creative expression and change. I know, because I've been an avid participant in both choices, sometimes simultaneously.

NPR reported that "the first Burning Man took place in 1986 after Harvey had the idea to burn a giant effigy in celebration." The photo accompanying the article captures a sign posted at the 2000 festival's entrance checkpoint with these words:, "APPROACHING FERTILE CHAOS ZONE." What better description of relinquishment and adoption and their impact on millions of lives?

But chaos, though sometimes disturbing, is not necessarily always a bad thing. As Edward Lorenz, father of Chaos Theory, pointed out, chaos is not the same thing a