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Truth about origins matters.

Have you ever thought, "Someone should write a musical about all this stuff"?  At last, someone has!  Have a listen to the new activism anthem "Testify," then visit the FOR THE RECORD website to learn more!

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Welcome to Adoption Search Resource Connection (ASRC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded in 1975 as Adoptees in Search, we are volunteers passionate about our mission to bring Truth, Education, Advocacy, Community and Healing to those impacted by relinquishment, adoption and foster care.  DONATIONS are tax-deductible.



 Regular Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 8/29 ,  7 pm. Join us at the  Independence Institute, 727 E. 16th Avenue in Uptown.  Off-street (just west of  the I.I. building) parking is free! NOTE: use the NORTH ENTRANCE (not the main door).    

Male Adoptees!  Join us on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm for our digital hangout.  For details, email us at Visit

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SCOTUS leaves Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) intact. Further background.  

Did your DNA test produce a parentage surprise?  

Over 50 US doctors accused of fertility fraud - but was it a crime?

OBC access bills signed in MN and SD!

Dutch Court orders sperm "donor" to stop after creating 550 children.

CUB Retreat October 13-14

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates fall conference November 3-4 

Corruption Watch by CTTA.

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Connect with advocacy resources and what's happening at Courts and Capitals. 


Learn more at Coalition for Truth and Transparency in Adoption.


If you missed the first-of-its-kind  Untangling Our Roots Summit, you can still order recordings!


Check out our list of recent and upcoming conferences. 


Here are two ways to participate in adoptee-designed studies:

1. Nature as a Healing Modality for Adoptees and Fostered Persons. Contact Eileen Skahill, MA

2. Mapping the Life Course of Adoption  Hollee McGinnis, PhD


The number of relinquishment, adoption, donor-conceived, and MPE  podcasts  continues to grow.  Featured: A white Texas couple asserts that the Indian Child Welfare Act discriminates against them. The Implications of the Case Against ICWA, on NPR's Code Switch.