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How to Order OBCs and Certain Adoption Records

Different forms are required
  for Vital Records, CDHS and Courts  

  1. Order a Colorado Original Birth Certificate from CDPHE Vital Records.   ACCESS THE FORM

  2. Request certain adoption records as defined in C.R.S. 19-1-103(6.5) from the Court. Note: Read all instructions carefully. Eligible parties should NOT need to complete form JDF 533 (Order for Good Cause). ACCESS FORMS

  3. Request encrypted records from CDHS    Colorado Dept. of Human Services

Division of Child Welfare

1575 Sherman St., Second Floor

Denver, CO 80203 



  • You were in the custody of a county human services agency before adoption.

  • You were a ward of the State Home

  • The adoption agency that handled your adoption has closed. 


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