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LILITH CZAR - Diamonds to Dust

LILITH CZAR - Diamonds to Dust

LILITH CZAR // CREATED FROM FILTH AND DUST // OUT NOW (Formerly known as Juliet Simms) Buy / Stream: Subscribe: -- DIAMONDS TO DUST // LYRICS Where do I go from here? I stand behind the cage I built around my fear This is the price I pay and itʼs so hard  Everything turns to ash When the smoke clears there ainʼt no going back no Maybe Iʼm scared of what Iʼll find  In this heart of mine  Every time I find something golden I break away before itʼs even broken  I run, to keep my heart from falling  Something that should last forever Washed away like as if it never was Here I go again turning diamonds into dust  Diamonds to dust  Is it my soul I canʼt trust Or am I hell bent in the way I self destruct Grinding the reasons to millions of pieces And taking the blame for it all   Every time I find something golden I break away before itʼs even broken  I run to keep my heart from falling  Something that should last forever Washed away like as if it never was Here I go again turning diamonds into dust Bridge I donʼt wanna run from this anymore I donʼt wanna live like this anymore  Anymore Every time I find something golden I break away before itʼs even broken  I run, to keep my heart from falling  Something that should last forever Washed away like as if it never was Here I go again turning diamonds into dust Diamonds into dust Diamonds into dust Diamonds to dust  -- FOLLOW LILITH CZAR: FOLLOW SUMERIAN RECORDS: #LilithCzar #CreatedFromFilthandDust #SumerianRecords #DiamondsToDust


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The new musical For the Record(s) - based on 

real life  adoption stories, premiered in a staged

reading April 26, 2024 at the Untangling Our Roots

Summit in Denver at the Hyatt Regency Aurora.  The

amazing cast received not one, but two standing 

ovations - one at the end of each act! Learn more

and support further development at

Alive - Sia. "I was born in a thunderstorm..." The ultimate survival song.  

Angel - Adoptee Sara McLachlan sings the song that late discovery adoptee Darrel "DMC" McDaniels says kept him alive at a low point in his life. 

Before it's Too Late - Goo Goo Dolls. "I wandered through fiction to look for the truth buried beneath all the lies." 

Bitter Winds - Song and video commemorating the 85,000+ Australian mothers who lost their children to adoption.  

Bui Doi (Dust of Life) - another show-stopper from Miss Saigon about the orphan outcasts created by wartime liaisons between American GIs and Vietnamese women. Check out another powerful version.  

Crying -  Incredible duet by Roy Orbison and KD Lang.  "Yes, now you're gone, and from this moment on I'll be crying." 

Diamonds to Dust - Lilith Czar. "Where do I go from here? I stand inside the cage I built around my fear."

Easy Terms - Barbara Dickson sings the mournful song of a mother's  loss from Blood Brothers. 

Eight Easy Steps - Alanis Morisette educates on "how to stay paralyzed by fear of abandonment," among others.  

Everything to Me - Mark Schultz' song of thanks to his mother for giving him life. 

Feel - Robbie Williams, formerly of the boy band Take That, has publicly discussed his addictions

Forgiveness - Collective Soul breaks it down.  

Forty Favorites From Adoptive Parents - Compiled by adoptive mom Pam Parish. 

Go the Distance - From Disney's Hercules

Happy Ending - Mika. "This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending, no hope, no love, no glory...."  

Heart of Novocaine - Halestorm. "Now because of you, I've got a heart of novocaine." 

He Would Be Sixteen - Michelle Wright's poignant song about a mother's longing for a son she never knew.  

Held - Natalie Grant. "This what it means to be held, how it feels when the sacred is torn from your life and you survive."

Hey - Robyn Slade sings a poignant new song about a first meeting between father and daughter.  

Hold On - Wilson Phillips words of encouragement to take it one day at a time. 

I am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) - "I am the girl who lost my calls me." From the Disney animated feature

I Knew You Were Waiting for Me - Aretha and George Michael 

I'd Give My Life For You - Lia Salonga sings the powerful classic from Miss Saigon

I'm Legit - Darrel McDaniels (DMC) and Zara Phillips.  Theme song for the adoption reform movement. 

I'm Not Okay - Citizen Soldier.  "Tonight the monsters in my head are screaming so damn loud..."

In the Blood - John Mayer and Home Free versions ask powerful questions about the impact of genes.  

Invisible - U2.  "I finally found my real name. I won't be me when you see me again....I'm more than you know..."

Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?) - Lady Gaga's song grieving an aunt she never knew. 

Let it Go -  Sing along with Idina Menzel to the full sequence from Frozen

Little Green - Joni Mitchell's song about relinquishment. 

Little Hands - Inland Sky performs on the Delivery Man soundtrack. 

Loggerheads Soundtrack -  Haunting and beautiful songs from this poignant, underrated film include "The Silver Cord" by Kim Carnes and "Forgiveness" by John Crooke.   

Long Way to Happy - Pink. "It's gonna take a long time to heal. It's gonna take a long time to love." 

Love Child - The classic Motown hit by Diana Ross and the Supremes. 

Lullaby in Blue - Bette Midler's song to her relinquished daughter. 

Lullaby in Blue - Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher sing a very different song as caretakers in Bundle of Joy

Make it Rain - "When the sins of my father weigh down in my soul, and the pain of my mother will not let me go..."  Ed Sheeran performs the Foy Vance song. 

Meditation and KitKats - the latest album from adoptee Zara Phillips! 

Missing You - John Waite with Alison Krauss.  "There's a message that I'm sending out like a telegraph to your soul."

Mother - John Lennon sings "Mother, you had me, but I never had you...Father, you left me, but I never left you."  

Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon. "I know they say let it be, but it just don't work out that way."

Never Give Up - Sia performs the theme song from Lion.  

No Roots - Alice Merton (who was not adopted) offers lyrics that many fostered persons and adoptees can appreciate.

Numb - Linkin Park. "Can't you see that you're smothering me?...I'm so tired of being what you want me to be."

Oklahoma - Billy Gilman's hit about a boy who meets his long lost father for the first time.

One Way or Another - Does knowing that Debbie Harry of Blondie was an adoptee change the meaning of this "stalker" song?  

Papa Don't Preach -  Madonna depicts the tense conversation between a pregnant daughter and her father. 

Reunion - Collective Soul's simple yet powerful lyrics about change, time and coming home. 

Roots - Imagine Dragons "Rock bottom....I'm going back to my roots."

Somebody's Daughter - Adoptee Zara Phillips performs the song with the same title as her latest book. 

Something Inside - Jonathan Rhys Meyers sings the ballad from August Rush

Take Good Care of My Baby - Many surrendering mothers have said that this song is still evocative of memories.

Tell Me It's Not True -  Petula Clark sings the finale from Blood Brothers as only a woman who's been through the experience of relinquishment can. 

The Climb -  The Miley Cyrus song with lyrics encouraging perseverance. "It ain't about what's waiting on the other side." 

The Foundling - Adoptee Mary Gauthier's raw, soulful work, rated the #3 best new album by the LA Times. 

The Heart of the Matter - Don Henley.  "You keep carryin' that anger -- it'll eat you up inside."  

The Magdalene Laundries - Joni Mitchell's musical ode to the suffering of mothers in Ireland.  

There You'll Be - Adoptee Faith Hill sings this ballad of connection and gratitude beyond the loss of a loved one.

These Are My People - Adoptee Rodney Atkins sings about his upbringing. 

This is Me - from The Greatest Showman. ..."and I know that I deserve your love, 'cause there's nothing I'm not worthy of...Reaching for the sun (we are warriors...that's what we've become)..."    

To Make You Feel My Love - Trisha Yearwood's version.  "I know you haven't made your mind up yet, but I would never do you wrong." 

To Where You Are -  those who have found a deceased relative at the end of a search may resonate with this Josh Groban song.

Too Good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith. "I'm never gonna let you close me, even though you mean the most..."  

Train in Vain -  Annie Lennox covers the Clash hit.  "You didn't stand by me, no not at all.  You must explain why this must be."  

Turning Tables - Adele sings, "I won't let you close enough to hurt me, no I won't rescue you to just desert me..."

Tusks in Furs and Busy Signals - Albums from international R&B-infused pop artist adoptee Mayda Miller.  

Somewhere Out There - Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram sing the theme from An American Tale

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) -  words of encouragement from Josh Groban. 

You Found Me - The Fray. "Why'd you have to wait? Where were you? Just a little late...You found me."

You Will be Found - a virtual choir performs the song from Dear Evan Hansen

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