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Website links are provided below. Search social media

groups for additional resources and support groups. 

Australia - InterCountry Adoptee VoicesPost-Adoption Resource Centre; Forced Adoptions History ProjectIndependent Regional Mothers; Jigsaw Queensland

Bangladesh - Shapla Community

Belgium - Against Child Trafficking (ACT)

Canada - Canadian Council of Natural MothersAdoption Council of Canada; Parent Finders of Canada; Origins Canada; Mouvement Retrouvailles (Quebec)


ChileChilean Adoptees Worldwide

China - China's Children International (CCI)

Colombia - Adopted From Colombia (2 FB groups); Colombia Tu Pais (Paid PI),  Plan Angel (Paid Search)

England - Coram BAAFPost-Adoption CentreNatural Parents NetworkAdoption Search Reunion


Ethiopia - Ethiopia Adoption Connection

Germany - Geborener Deutscher (Yahoo Group); Lebensborn Association (German); Related article

Guatemala - Adoptees With Guatemalan Roots

India - Adoptee India Reunion (FB Group)Video Interview

Ireland - Adoption Rights Alliance; Justice for MagdalenesThe Philomena Project

Korea - Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (GOA'L), SeoulInternational Korean Adoptee Associations; 325KAMRA (DNA Search);  Me & Korea; Omma Poom Memorial Park

LebanonBorn in Lebanon 

Netherlands - United Adoptees International

Philippines - Filipino Adoptees Network

Romania - United Adoptees of Romania

Russia - I'm Adopted

Spain - SOS Stolen Babies Association (Spanish); Related article

Vietnam - Adopted Vietnamese International

Various - Holt International ResourcesKaren's Adoption Links (some may be outdated)



*Links are provided for information purposes only, and do not constitute any endorsement of or formal connection between the linked organization and ASRC. ASRC bears no responsibility or liability for the content of the external site or that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content. 

International Information and Organizations*

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