ASRC Board of Directors

The ASRC Board welcomes inquiries from passionate, skilled, highly ethical volunteers who align with the organization's mission and values.  Board members serve a staggered two-year term, which may be renewed. It is recommended that applicants be in a reasonably settled place in terms of search, reunion and processing adoption-related issues.  

Kathy Aderhold, RN, BSN, MSN is the ASRC Vice President.  Kathy relinquished her daughter in 1972 after being sent to a Booth maternity home. She searched for and found her daughter in 1998. She has testified before legislative committees and was featured in Dan Rather's Emmy-nominated documentary "Adopted or Abducted?" She recently retired from a career that included working as a Certified Nurse Midwife, running a clinic for pregnant teens, and a Legal Nurse Consultant.  Kathy is now busy in retirement as a Search Angel using genetic genealogy. She and her husband Ben, who has also connected with a son who was relinquished for adoption, live in Denver, CO, and thoroughly enjoy time with their children and grandchildren. 

Heidi Harris serves as the ASRC Secretary. She was adopted at three months of age in 1972 and raised with an older brother in Denver. After learning through ASRC that she could access her legal adoption files and birth certificate, Heidi found and connected with her birth mother in 2015 and has since met her two half-sisters, two aunts and a cousin. A former public relations manager, Heidi is currently an HR and leadership development director at an email data company. She is excited to bring her PR expertise and organizational development skills to the non-profit arena. 


Holly Janson has recently found and reunited with both of her biological parents and many other family members including half sisters from both sides. Holly graduated with a bachelors degree from Colorado State University where she majored in writing and worked as a DJ. She has since been in the media industry for the last 10 years at companies like High Noon Entertainment, Comedy Works Entertainment and NBC Universal. She currently lives in downtown Denver with her boyfriend and works as an editor at Crosspoint. In 2019 she also started her own production company, Casper Black Media. Holly is eager to support others, share her experiences, and pay it forward by helping fellow adult adoptees in their discoveries, searches, and reunions.

Jeanine Quint serves as the ASRC Treasurer. She has an extensive background in bookkeeping and accounting, and is married to Urban Quint, who spent the first part of his life in a Swiss orphanage and is the subject of the  film Father Unknown.  

Rich Uhrlaub, M.Ed. has been dedicated to support and effective advocacy for the interests of adults impacted by relinquishment and adoption for over 20 years and currently serves as ASRC President. Relinquished and adopted at three weeks old, Rich located and connected with his family of origin in 1995. Rich has testified before legislative committees and presented and facilitated at various conferences nationwide.  He has been interviewed for local and national radio, television and newspaper stories. Rich is a contributing author to Finding Our Place: 100 Memorable Adoptees, Fostered Persons and Orphanage Alumni (2010), and Adoption and Mothering (2012). His professional background includes leading the Learning Solutions Team and Management Competencies Program for an international technology firm; telecommunications and digital marketing sales; and medical-legal claims and risk management in the private and public sectors.




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