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  • 40 Influencers, Advocates, Creatives, Healers, Non-Profit and Thought Leaders
  • Program TBA 11/1/20
  • Early registration opens 12/1/20
  • Build your own event or enjoy the whole thing via Zoom at your convenience.  

Everyone Can Be

 An Influencer

Whether you are an experienced healer, a seasoned advocate, an established creative, blogger, artist, or filmmaker; a nonprofit leader or legislative liaison - or just finding your voice to help your friends and family understand relinquishment and adoption - the AWAKE Influencer Forum has something for you! 

Join us for inspiring storytellers, practical skill-building sessions, entertainment from cutting edge creatives, peer support and discussion forums led by those in the trenches overcoming daily heartaches and making positive change happen. We aim to replenish your spirit, challenge your assumptions, and fill your cup to overflowing to be a positive influence for change, greater awareness and healthier relationships in your social circles and community. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Forum January 28-30, 2021!

Questions? Call us at 303/232-6302 or


Adoption Wellness Advocacy Knowledge Experience (AWAKE) Influencer Forum

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